PuraPizza is a modern company concept which, by crossed marketing, produces sustainable information. Is the beloved pizza, in a new organic habit, the vector for a modern lifestyle, healthy and in step with modern times. The alimentary ‘comfort zone’ becomes the occasion to tell the story of a new sustainable dimension which starts at food and gets to other fields of everyday life. Emotional and sensorial impulses hit the user free to approach an events and proposals calendar designed to raise awareness among adults but also to bring children closer to the healthy principle of care for themselves and the planet. Information and participation activities take place in the context of external, as well as internal, spaces of locations, which wear sustainability through recycled woods and metals architecture and furnishings, where staff uniforms are made of sustainable fabrics and shoes entirely produced with plastics recovered from oceans, green delivery is made by electric cars, charitable foundations call charity initiatives as the ones of Camillus House e Best Buddies, food and beverage menu is entirely organic, and a sustainable production chain uses energy star rating equipment. Quality is ultimately the heart of this project, in the form of product, image and Concept. An organic pizza that respects American traditions combined with healthy ingredients at the service of taste and details care and whose consistency makes it suitable for delivery.The representation of a new and suggestive dimension in which the glamor and sustainable location’s personality and product quality act as the speaker of his same concept.