between thought and action

The making of a thought is an event that can be stimulated or induced by circumstances but that borns, by the way, naturally and spontaneously. For its own construction it draws on individual brain resources and personal character, originating from a strange mixture created between the two elements, the soul. The implementation of that thought represents its translation into an action and can take place according to random methods, which generate chaotic effects, or organized methods, which, instead, determines order, recognizability, and effectiveness. Between these two elements takes place a third one, philosophy, which presides to the organization of thought determination and regulates it and, paradoxically, almost encodes it, making it traceable and more effective, chasing away chaos and inconclusiveness. But because the resulting action can express its real potential and be suitable for engraving, it must follow the implantation of that thought as well as its rooting, fortification and the resulting budding, that generates culture. This is exactly how our sustainable thinking and avant-garde philosophy are born, as a natural collector between thought and action, and that's how the need to generate